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Cable Protector Ramp

Introducing the 3 Channel Cable Protector Ramp, a heavy-duty solution designed to safeguard exposed cables from the dangers of vehicle traffic on roads, laneways, and construction sites. This robust cable protection system offers a range of benefits that ensure the safety and integrity of your valuable cables while maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted flow of traffic.

  • 960mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 75mm (H).
  • 3 channels for cables.
  • Anti-slip top panel that opens and closes.
  • Interlocking Jigsaw Sections.


The 3 channel Cable Protector Ramp is designed to protect cables that are exposed to traffic on a road, laneway and construction site. The Cable Protector Ramp is suitable for heavy goods vehicles and has a 10 tonne per axle weight capacity. When vehicles approach the cables protectors, speed must not exceed 5mph. Each Cable Protector section are just under 1 metre in length and have an interlocking jigsaw method to allow for easy and simple installation.

The three-channel design allows for the secure organization and separation of multiple cables, preventing tangling, crushing, or damage caused by vehicle wheels. The ramp’s gentle slope and non-slip surface provide a safe and stable crossing point for vehicles, minimizing the risk of accidents or damage to both the cables and the vehicles. By using the Cable Protector Ramp, you demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a safe work environment and compliance with industry regulations.

Each section measures just under 1 metre in length and features an innovative interlocking jigsaw design. This allows for quick and simple setup, saving valuable time and labour costs on your project site. The modular nature of the Cable Protector Ramp enables you to customize the length and configuration to suit your specific cable protection needs. Whether you require a short run or an extended coverage area, the Cable Protector Ramp can be easily adapted to fit your requirements.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, from temporary event setups and construction sites to permanent installations in industrial facilities or public spaces. The durable and weather-resistant materials used in the construction of the Cable Protector Ramp ensure reliable performance in various environmental conditions, including exposure to sun, rain, and extreme temperatures. With its versatile design and adaptability, the Cable Protector Ramp is an essential tool for any organization dealing with exposed cables.

This product ensures the safety and protection of your cables but also contributes to the smooth and efficient operation of your work site. By minimizing the risk of cable damage and accidents, you can avoid costly downtime, repairs, and potential liabilities. The Cable Protector Ramp’s heavy-duty construction and long-lasting durability make it a cost-effective solution in the long run, providing excellent value for your investment.

A commonly seen health and safety measure taken by construction sites all over Ireland. Accidents involving electrical cables are prevalent in Ireland today. This product is a popular risk mitigation solution.


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