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Trestle Handrail Post

Trestle Handrail Post for use with builders trestle is a must-have tool for any construction project that requires elevated access. Our handrail post is designed to fit perfectly with builders trestles, providing additional safety and stability for workers. Our Trestle Handrail Post is lightweight, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance. It is also portable, making it an excellent choice for construction sites that require frequent reconfiguration.

The slot on the handrail post is usually filled with 3.9m x 225mm x 36mm scaffolding board for optimum protection. The Trestle Handrail Post conforms to BS EN:13374 (Edge Protection).


The easily assembled Trestle Handrail Post is an additional safety feature to the Builders Trestle. When working on the trestle platform, the trestle handrail post is a fall protection system and is designed to prevent falls from working at height. Constructed from high-quality steel, our Trestle Handrail Post is built to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions. The post features an adjustable design that can be easily attached to your builders trestle, ensuring a secure connection. Additionally, the post includes a built-in handrail, providing extra safety and stability for workers.

Constructed from high-grade steel, these devices are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of construction environments. The carefully selected materials and precise manufacturing process ensure that Strongboys can support substantial loads without deformation or failure. This exceptional load-bearing capacity gives you the confidence to tackle even the most challenging wall support tasks.


Technical Specifications:

  • Conforms to BS EN:13374 (Edge Protection)
  • Material: High-quality steel
  • Height: Adjustable to fit standard Builders Trestle heights
  • Handrail: Built-in, ergonomic design for secure grip
  • Connection: Compatible with various Builders Trestle configurations
  • Weight: Lightweight construction for easy handling and transport
  • Compliance: Meets relevant industry safety standards and regulations

Designed to accommodate a wide range of wall sizes and configurations, making them suitable for various construction scenarios. The adjustable height and width settings allow for precise positioning and a secure fit, ensuring optimal support for walls of different dimensions. Whether you are working on a residential renovation or a commercial construction project, Strongboys can be easily adapted to meet your specific requirements.


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