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Anti Vandal Cabins / Offices are a very commonly used form of site accommodation used throughout the Construction Industry.

Why Anti Vandal?

  • They are designed to have a long lifespan
  • They are easily maintained
  • They are strong and durable
  • They add an additional layer of security to your premises / construction site
  • They are a safe place to store important equipment
  • They are cost effective

All of these points are key when it comes to outdoor temporary accommodation on a construction site or on the grounds of a business. Anti Vandal Cabins & Containers make up our hire and sales fleet throughout Ireland.

From starting out as a steel shell, Clareco’s Anti Vandal Cabins are then finished very effectively inside and outside.

The exterior of the cabins are painted with a primer and with a finish coat RAL coat. Clareco’s Anti Vandal Cabins also come with an exterior plug socket which is the main point of electricity in the cabin. When the cabin is not being used, you can ensure that the cabin is totally theft and vandal proof by closing the steel shutters to protect the windows.

Inside, the interior is finished with a vinyl faced plasterboard on the walls and ceiling. Light is provided by 5ft LED Lights. Office equipment can be powered by the various twin sockets located around the cabin.

All of Clareco’s Cabins come with radiators to ensure that a high level of heat is maintained in the cabin, especially in the winter months. Insulation in the walls and ceilings allows for the heat to be retained in the cabin.

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Flexible Hire at Compeitive Rates Available on all Anti-Vandal On-Site Offices.
We offer Ireland's most competive prices also available on all purchases of ClareCo Anti-Vandal On-Site Offices.


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