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Scaffold Tube Foam

Our Yellow Foam Scaffold Padding Protective Tubes come in a bright, visible yellow color, ensuring that they stand out and serve as a warning to individuals to exercise caution around the protected area.

Foam padding can be secured with either hi-vis tape or cable ties, you can be confident that our foam padding will stay in place, offering excellent protection against impacts.


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Introducing our Yellow Foam Scaffold Padding Protective Tubes – the perfect solution to protect wooden and metal posts on various applications such as playgrounds, frames, scaffolds, gardens, play areas, homes, schools, recreation centers, swimming pools, sports posts, ski-ing areas, trampolines, and any other area where tough protection against impact is needed.

Crafted from high-quality polyethylene profiles, our foam padding is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it versatile and practical. Not only does it provide a reliable layer of protection, but it’s also effortless to install.

Whether you’re a homeowner, school, recreation center, or business owner, our foam padding is an ideal solution to safeguard posts from impact damage. Invest in our Yellow Foam Scaffold Padding Protective Tubes today for the ultimate peace of mind.


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