ClareCo now stock and supply Anti-Skid Road Plates, available to customers throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

As ClareCo continues to expand, so does our product range in order to keep up with our customers requirements. We are pleased to say, Anti-Skid Road Plates are now in stock and available for dispatch. We look forward to welcoming many more new products throughout 2024, watch this space!


Anti-Skid Road Plates – Now Available from ClareCo

Road Plates we supply are equipped with anchorage points and come with a full materials test certificate. For additional protection, we also offer edge finishing in any RAL/BS colour. Contact us for further information on this option.

Manufactured with durable high-strength steel, Anti-Skid Road Plates we supply are treated with the top-of-the-line Rocbinda / Colorvial High Friction surfacing system. We supply these plates in standard sizes of 8’ x 4’ and 6’ x 4’, with various thicknesses and widths to choose from.


NOTE: 💡 We also supply Road Plate Securing Collars, for safely securing your Road Plates in place. Securing Collars are sold separately, and can also be found in our online shop. 🛒 🛒🛒


Advantages of Road Plates…

Imagine a road construction project where safety and efficiency go hand in hand. With Anti-Skid Road Plates available from ClareCo, this vision becomes a reality. This popular solution has revolutionised the way temporary roads are constructed, and how works within construction sites are conducted.

✅ First and foremost, anti-skid road plates enhance safety on construction sites by minimising slippage incidents. Designed with specialized materials and patterns, these plates offer superior traction even during adverse weather conditions or when heavy machinery is at play. Workers can now navigate with confidence, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

✅ Road plates also prove their worth in terms of versatility. Whether it’s redirecting traffic flow or creating temporary access routes over challenging terrain – such as ditches or trenches – they effortlessly adapt to various situations. Their modular design allows for quick installation and removal while maintaining structural integrity.

✅ Cost-effectiveness is another remarkable advantage provided by anti-skid road plates. By eliminating the need for extensive excavation work or permanent infrastructure changes, projects can be completed swiftly without compromising quality standards. This not only saves time but also significantly reduces expenses associated with labour and equipment rental.


Sectors & Industries That Use Road Plates

When it comes to ensuring safety and smooth operations, various sectors and industries rely on the versatile benefits of anti-skid road plates. From construction sites to event management, these heavy-duty temporary surface solutions have become a go-to option for many professionals.

In the Construction Industry, anti-skid road plates are a necessity. They provide stability and traction during excavation work or when creating trenches, ensuring workers can move around safely while heavy machinery operates nearby. Additionally, these durable plates offer protection against potential accidents caused by uneven surfaces or slippery conditions.

Roads Maintenance – also heavily depend on anti skid road plates. Whether repairing potholes or repaving sections of highways, these temporary surfaces help redirect traffic seamlessly while enhancing worker safety. Their slip-resistant properties keep drivers in control even in adverse weather conditions like rain or snow.

Event Organizers – find great value in using anti skid road plates to create safe pedestrian walkways at festivals, concerts, and other large gatherings. By laying down these robust surfaces over potentially hazardous terrain such as grassy parks or gravel paths, they ensure attendees can navigate comfortably without worrying about slips or trips.

The list doesn’t end here – logistics firms rely on Road Plates to optimise loading docks’ functionality; utility services employ them during underground repair works; municipalities deploy them for snow removal activities…the applications and sectors that utilise Road Plates are endless!

Regardless of sector or industry affiliation—be it construction firms striving for worker welfare or transportation authorities prioritising passenger security—the use of anti-skid road plates is a testament to collective efforts in enhancing safety standards across various fields.


More Details

If you’d like more information on Anti-Skid Road Plates available from ClareCo get in touch with our expert customer care team for more details and pricing. Call us on – +353 (0) 6145 2400, or email us at – [email protected].